Talking to Simone Fragoso
Talking to Simone Fragoso
04 - 03 - 2018  |   Talking to...   |  by Sports Partner

Today is the day that ends your curiosity about our mystery figure and begins a new chapter for Sports Partner. A new concept, a new image and the latest project from us to you. The athlete who was talking to us was … Simone Fragoso!

The charismatic Simone is 37 years old and is from Palmela, the village she is so proud of. Throughout her academic career, the unstoppable Simone has collected four major courses. She participated in 3 Paralympic Games where she brought with her some of the funniest stories that she shared with us in this interview. The swimmer shone in Beijing, was the star in London and in Rio, in the city of carnival, she was more herself.

In this interview it is impossible to remain indifferent to her contagious energy, to recognize her difficulties and to feel the love and admiration that she has for her mother Milu.

Sports Partner wants to be close to the athletes, divulging her achievements that elevated Portugal to the podiums around the World. We want to thank Simone for her great friendliness and availability. It was a pleasure for us to get to know and to meet an athlete like her, unique and incomparable.

Here you can find the photo gallery and let yourself be contaminated by the good disposition and liveliness of our little great athlete:

Because where there is Sport, there is Sports Partner.

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