The 5 main product lines Sports Partner
The 5 main product lines Sports Partner
17 - 10 - 2019  |   InstitutionalNews   |  by Marco Teixeira

Sports Partner develops and manufactures 5 main product lines. They are:

Modular sports floorings;
Sports equipment;
Stadium chairs;
Electronic markers;
Multi-sport facilities;

Modular Sports Flooring

Modular sports flooring, the main product line, stands out in the sports market for its comfort, durability and innovation. It is lightweight, easy to carry, fast and easy to assemble/disassemble, among other advantages, such as its 15-year warranty.

For flooring,  Sports Partner highlights Naxos range (Interior) and Patmos range (Exterior). Within each range were displayed layers that added value and differentiation in their typology. Strong bet from this company, the floors, thanks to its architecture, offer uniform stability, lateral and vertical cushioning, among other advantages that are described with more details throughout this article.

Various national and international certifications were earned over the lifetime of the company. These attach value to the product. The ITTF – International Table Tennis Federation, IHF – International Handball Federation and ITF – International Tennis Federation are some renowned institutions that have validated and certified our floors.

Naxos Range

From the Naxos range, the modular Naxos Air Evolution sports flooring was developed in conjunction with the Handball Federation of Portugal. This indoor floor enhances the conditions and performance of the athletes thanks to the biomechanical protective slayera with a built-in airbox. Naxos Air Evolution is a patented indoor sports floor.

Naxos Air Evolution

Indoor sports flooring’s Naxos Master was launched in 2019 together with Patmos Master outdoor sports flooring. It revolutionized the technology of modular sports floors. This because, instead of placing a slayer across the sports area, Master’s technology is uniquely incorporated into each module.

Naxos Master Amarelo

The patented Master technology designs the base of each module with an airbox rubber cushioning system. This system has differentiating advantages over the athletes’ profitability.

Patmos Range

By applying this technology to the sports market, Sports Partner has created the first individually built-in airbox cushioning outdoor sports floor  – the Patmos Master. In addition to rapid water drainage, the tread maintains a coherent and unique cushioning that ensures the athletes’ profitability and physical comfort.


Last but not least, in the featured floor segment is Patmos Evolution. Outdoor floor designed for all modalities, able to drain water quickly and effectively. The unique surface web ensures low abrasion levels and more safety, especially for younger athletes. The development of the design of this sports floor has taken into account the newer layers as it does not allow finger placement and stone accommodation.

Patmos Evolution Azul

It should be noted that all these above mentioned products do not have maintenance costs during a 15 year warranty period.

ERGO stadium chair

Another featured product line is the ERGO bench chair. The chair, launched in 2014, in the new Sports Partner facilities, is a special chair where innovation is once again found. ERGO was designed and designed to provide the utility due to the need for sports venues.

Let these be of whatever dimensions. This is because the ERGO bench chair not only follows FIFA and UEFA typological standards for this type of equipment but can receive up to 5 attachment points. Its design allows water to flow, optimizing its life span and making the object fit for use 365 days a year. In addition to being an ergonomic and comfortable chair, it is also a stable and secure chair – vandal-proof.


Electronic Markers

Electronic markers, in turn, were the bet and innovation of 2007. The product line entered the circuit of equipment to be developed by Sports Partner, in response to customer and market requests. The markers have been developed and stand out by the technology of high brightness LED. This product has been designed to ensure excellent visibility over long distances and its materiality to last. Regarding the dimensions, they are very flexible and adaptable to the needs of each client.

Marcador Eletrónico Sports Partner

Sports Equipment

The fourth product line represents all sports equipment manufactured by Sports Partner. These vary according to their materiality, purpose and modality. The production line includes sports such as Handball, Badminton, Basketball, Roller Hockey, Football.

For the equipment production, Sports Partner works mainly with aluminium. It is a material with extreme wind resistance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. This material is used, for example, in Football Goals 7, 11, basketball cars, multi-sport cars and more.

Balizas futebol 11

Multisports facilities Family Sports

The final product line, from the 5 main product lines, includes multi-sports facilities Family Sports. These multisports have different dimensions and different typologies but are designed to accommodate all sports in one structure. These structures are constructed using special anti-corrosion metal for outdoor use, tempered glass with access doors.

“Patmos” sports floor and 2 built-in goalposts with 2 flexible hoop basketball tables are placed. A networked pole kit, LED spotlights and everything the customer needs for a unique outdoor experience. Allows the practice of all sports including skating sports.v

Polidesportivo "Family Sports SP 2", estrutura em metal com tratamento anticorrosivo especial para outdoor, vidro temperado com portas de acesso, 2 balizas embutidas com 2 tabelas de basquetebol com aro flexível, kit de poste com rede, 8 Focos de LED de 200 W.

This 5 main product lines allows the company to have a diversified offer and beyond. It also allows equipping a sports space in its entirety area, through a single manufacturer. This feature sets Sports Partner apart in the commercial spectrum. It turns out to be quite advantageous for partner entities and B2C customers. Thus it is possible to launch in your specific market (whether national or international), through a supplier, the full range of products essential for the projection of any kind of sports space.

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