Discover the Kythnos family consisting of two ranges of sport floors..

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Kythnos Family.


The time of simple woods is gone!
Wooden floors are back in vogue. They provide a touch of sporty elegance to any space.

Range features
General features

Because we want to always be one step ahead and maintain a strong trend in the sports market, we present you our Kythnos Wood Flooring. Our floors are made of noble wood, and provide strength and comfort in high temperature and humidity conditions.

Modular: Kythnos Flex

If the idea is to combine extra comfort with more solid fittings, the Kythnos Flex Modular Flooring is your choice. Its foamy base is designed to cushion impacts and protect athletes from injuries while the aluminum fitting provides perfect fit and no gaps. 

In situ: Kythnos Evolution

The Kythnos Evolution floor offers strength and comfort in high temperature and humidity conditions thanks to its anti-humidity sheet. At the same time, it features two plywood boards with rubber elastic backing.


In situ: Kythnos Flex

Coated in noble wood, Kythnos Flex flooring is a triumph to flexibility thanks to its bar system. It creates an air box that contributes to a greater and better impact. It contains a 12 mm plywood board as well as a rubber holder.

In Situ: Kythnos Air Evolution

The Kythnos Air Evolution hardwood floor consists of two 12-mm plywood boards and a 19-mm elastic support. The polyethylene anti-humidity system makes this floor resistant and with a high level of durability.

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