We produce quality!

Sports Partner manufactures any and all kinds of sports equipment!
Goals, posts and backboards, among many others…

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Without it there are no goals, no points, no victory celebrations and no disappointment for defeats. Without them basically there are no sports.
Sports equipment is a fundamental part of any game
Sports Partner manufactures all kinds of equipment – we can say that we design all the sporting “hardware”. Goals, posts and backboards, among many others. In fact, everything made of iron or aluminium… we produce it.

Production Line
The advantage of being a manufacturer is about the strict control of the features of the used raw materials.
Our production line allows us to satisfy any customer need, always taking the deadlines into account.
Production Line   


We subject our equipment to rigorous tests, because the important thing for us is to offer quality and comfort to those who will use it.


We innovate, and we get better with the feedback from our customers. We only achieve it thanks to our technical team which, in addition to designing the products according to the European standards, studies the best raw materials for their manufacture.

Sports Partner: Together we produce quality!!

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