About us

We are a 100% Portuguese company specialized in the manufacture of sports flooring and equipments.

What we do
We create trends in sports equipment.

With certified and 100% Portuguese products, we set trends allying innovation, experience,knowledge, accuracy and professionalism. With the athletes and their sports always in mind, we are the ideal partners, relentless in creating more and better for the sports world.

Sports Partner history began with the will to know more and do better.

Rui was one of those athletes that liked to try several sports.

It was usual to see him in any pavilion playing its strong shot or throwing the ball into the basket hoping for a three-point.

The young athlete always questioned himself how those sports equipment were made. What materials were used? How and where were they built? He went searching for answers and ended up turning curiosity into a business. By making the transition from words to actions, Rui Vicente’s (Actual CEO) made Sports Partner real. And now, more than 15 years have passed.

Do this exercise for a little while: imagine yourself practising a sport, and think about the quantity of equipment or accessories around you. Well, these are the products that our 100% Portuguese company creates with certified quality.

We provide the ground for the best national and international competitions.

Our modular sports flooring have as much unique as differentiating features. You don’t believe it?

And what if we tell you that these pavements are ready to absorb impacts, reduce lesions and minimize athlete’s fatigue?

Spectators also deserve our attention. Thus, we innovate again with our sports chairs Ergo. They are comfortable and anti-vandalism.

And so nobody loses track of the final score, we have electronic scoreboards with high luminosity LED technology.

We place the athletes in the center of our attention.

They give us the know how to better satisfy their needs and live up to their demands.

The sport doesn’t matter, we play in any. Our quality is recognised in Portugal, in Europe and in the World through athletes, clubs or federations.

Sports Partner history began with the will to know more and do better. Today we keep questioning, entering the field knowing that its always possible to do something unique for the future.

Who plays in our team demands, but knows:
together we score more points!
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