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Family Sports – Sports for All the Family!

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+35 Modalities!

The Family Sports Complex was created for families and friends to get together and share the best sporting moments, but above all fun!

Our multisports ground was created to surprise you. With Family Sports Complex, the decision is yours. This authentic sports ground allows the practice of more than 35 sports, even sports on skates. The hard part will be choosing!

For a safe challenge

Its iron structure with a special anti-corrosion treatment for outdoors ensures high resistance and durability against external factors. In addition to being more resistant than other metals such as aluminium, it is also easier to assemble and dismantle.

Thanks to the tempered glass, in addition to ensuring the protection and preservation of the sports space, it guarantees a feeling of freedom and 360º vision within a closed perimeter, a safe and unique experience!

Versatile structure

The structure offers the possibility of merging various sports in the same sports arena. You can use basketball hoops, variable nets and goals with metal nets. Please note that the net goals are designed with air circulation in mind – as indoor sports can change the maximum temperature by up to 8º C!

All dimensions allow for various sports and the family sports can be designed and installed anywhere.

Regarding the height, composed of 3 metres of tempered glass, a 50 centimetre strip is added. In this way, the strip not only allows the placement of advertising but also the installation of metallic cables to apply coverage.


At night or on days with low luminosity, our 8 LED spotlights ensure greater visibility and lower consumption. In this way, the lights are designed to save energy and maximise the visibility of the athletes.

As an example, we have the Family Sports SP 4. This unique multi-sports area has an iron structure with anticorrosive treatment special for outdoors. The walls are made of tempered glass with side access doors.

The Family Sports SP 4 also contains 2 built-in goals with 4 basketball tables (transversal) with reinforced hoop. Pole kit with net and 8 LED Spotlights 200 W. The sports floor is the modular outdoor model Patmos Master.

We have this and other multisports available for you! Contact us for more information.

Because together, we score more points!