Why Modular Sports Pavement?
Why Modular Sports Floor?

It is the solution that provides greater economy, ease and speed of installation;
It is composed of modules with slots that are easy to assemble/disassemble, they are applicable to any type of rigid or flat surface;
Where no glue is used, they are removable and portable to other spaces;
It is easy and quick to replace modules in the event of an accident;
Easy to place advertising through the simple exchange of modules;
Suitable for the practice of various sports (including basketball and roller sports);
No maintenance costs and an 18-year real manufacturer’s guarantee;
Best price/quality ratio on the market;
What are you waiting for? Find out more about our Naxos sports solution!

Friendly System Children” surface with a non-glossy matte finish and unique web, small openings of 6mm, which do not allow the introduction/accommodation of small stones as well as children’s fingers, also maintaining low levels of abrasion.

Certified and recommended by several national and international federations for the practice of various sports.
Proven 18-year guarantee.

Sporting benefits

Variety of sports
Pavement suitable/tested for all sports
including roller sports

Matt shine-free finish
Matt non glossy finish that eliminates light reflections and increases grip levels.
adherence levels

Excellent grip levels
The surface has a special micro texture that provides excellent levels of grip for all types of sports

The only sports flooring that offers vertical and lateral cushioning providing unmatched
unrivalled levels of comfort and reduces the level of injury, thereby protecting athletes

Various sports certifications
Floors certified by several national and international sports federations for various sports including being the official floor of several national teams

Modular floors are not susceptible to the creation of bacteria and fungi, being hygienic and easy to clean

Uniform and continuous cushioning
Uniform and continuous damping throughout the entire floor, unlike others with only a few isolated points of damping

Sound insulation
The continuous damping subfloor between the subfloor and the module provides sound insulation from sports practice
and ball bounce

Functional benefits

18-year warranty
Sports Partner, the official manufacturer, provides an 18-year no-charge warranty that is already proven

No maintenance costs
Only a broom and damp mop are needed to maintain your modular floor

Various colours
A wide range of colours is available to customise the floor to your taste

Waterproof/ Moistureproof
The continuous damping subfloor between the subfloor and the module acts as a moisture barrier, providing the waterproofness that comes from the subfloor while maintaining excellent levels of surface adhesion.

Easy and quick repair
If necessary, it is carried out by
the quick replacement of the modules.

Sport markings
Possibility of factory sports markings for a faster installation

Advertising can be placed by changing the modules

Removable floor
It is not fixed or glued to the floor, allowing the easy transportation of the floor from one place to another

The best flooring solution for outdoor sports areas. A floor with vertical and lateral cushioning that offers a unique comfort for outdoor sports practice combined with water drainage, allowing its use, without restrictions, every day of the year.
The 100% Portuguese pavement was conceived to improve outdoor sports practice. Quick installation, no maintenance costs and a proven 15 year guarantee
15 years already proven!

Transversal characteristics of the range

The small 25×25 polypropylene modules specially developed for sports practice fit together perfectly like a puzzle.
The surface of the small openings in the flooring have been surgically designed to prevent children’s fingers from getting in and unwanted small stones that could cause injury. The fully even and continuous pitted surface is designed to provide low levels of abrasion in the event of an accidental fall. Its matt, non-glare finish to avoid reflections, as well as its micro-textured surface provides the best levels of grip you’ve ever seen.

Patmos Family

Outdoor enclosure drainage like never before.
This is the calling card of the Patmos range. The 100% Portuguese-made pavement was designed to improve outdoor sports practice.


General Characteristics

The square modules that make up the modular outdoor flooring have low levels of abrasion, minimising the strain on those stepping on them. Colour will never be an issue with the Patmos range either, given the variety of options to choose from.

Choose the colour and range that best suits your outdoor facility here.

Patmos Evolution

Rain, humidity, flooded fields and cancelled matches.

Forget about these scenarios, because Patmos Evolution is designed to drain water quickly. Thanks to the development of a unique web, your outdoor sports arena will always be in play.

Patmos Flex

Flexibility and comfort.

All this thanks to the application of a uniform foam fabric all over the field. Strange, unpredictable ball bounces or completely waterlogged pitches are truly a thing of the past.

Patmos Master

This floor has something unique and innovative – dual functionality in one module!

A subfloor with an air gap damping system individually incorporated in each module (ACASI SYSTEM). Special high-performance flooring with an architectural design.

patmos pavimento desportivo
patmos pavimento desportivo


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