Why sports flooring

The real dream of every athlete has arrived in the sports world! Now you can find all the advantages of an indoor floor in an outdoor sports floor without leaving out water drainage. Thanks to the air cushioning system, we guarantee an excellent floor for your athletes.
What are you waiting for? Find out more about our Patmos sports solution!

Friendly System Children” surface with matt non-glossy finish and unique web, small openings of 6mm, which do not allow the introduction / accommodation of small stones as well as entrapment of children’s fingers, while maintaining low levels of abrasion.

Certified and recommended by several national and international federations for the practice of various sports.
Proven 18-year guarantee.

Floating high-performance outdoor sports flooring, Patmos Master, composed of reinforced draining modules (25x25x1,1cm) in high-impact copolymer polypropylene (proprietary formulation) with 7 male/female interlocking points, a matt, non-glossy surface finish so as not to reflect light and a specially-developed micro-texture on the surface.

To provide excellent levels of grip, with an air cushioning system (ACASI) wavy shaped rubber air gap, individually incorporated into each module. Unique continuous webbed module surface, Friendly System Children, with small openings for water drainage specially designed not to allow children’s fingers to get caught, as well as small stones to get caught, offering the lowest levels of abrasion in case of accidental fall, thus being the modular outdoor flooring with the best grip, least abrasive and safest on the market. Suitable for all sports including wheeled sports. Certified by several National and International Sports Federations. 18-year warranty directly (already proven) from the manufacturer Sports Partner.

Special micro-texture on the surface for better grip. Friendly System Children Specially designed for the safety of children. Module with supports in direct contact with the base at every interception providing greater stability. Air cushioning system incorporated into each module.

ACASI System (Air Cushion Absortion System Incorporate)

The only outdoor sports floor with a draining air cushioning system individually incorporated in each module.

Absorption of unevenness

The Patmos Master sports floor is able to absorb small unevennesses and irregularities of the subfloor for a more comfortable and safer sporting experience.

Water drainage

This pavement offers an excellent water draining capacity, avoiding water puddles and allowing the sports practice whenever it is wanted, regardless of the weather conditions, with all the safety and unique comfort never before possible.

Air cushioning

Provides uniform and continuous vertical and lateral cushioning across the entire floor, providing unique comfort for athletes


Polypropylene module

25x25x1.1 reinforced modules with 7 male/female snap-on points
Micro-textures and unique web on the surface ensure low levels of abrasion and more security
Matt, non-glare surface (less light reflection)

Cushioning system with built-in air gap

Wave-shaped rubber cushioning system with air gap built directly into the module
Ensures high levels of safety and comfort, while retaining all the ability to quickly drain water


Suitable for the practice of various sports (including basketball and roller sports)

Functions of the cushioning system

It has circumferential openings, specially designed so that there is air circulation in the lower part of the module and eliminate any humidity index (maintaining adherence)
Eliminates unevenness in the subfloor
Uniform damping throughout the floor
Absorbs vertical impacts
Sound insulation (sports practice/ball bounce)

Quick installation

No glue to the floor
High portability / stackable


No maintenance costs
18 years real guarantee provided by the manufacturer

Perfect for improving sports practice

Developed by Sports Partner in collaboration with its partners and sports professionals, it is perfect for improving sports practice.
It has a special surface finish that provides excellent levels of grip and a matt, non-glare finish that eliminates reflections. The lateral cushioning through the millimetric gaps (7 fitting points) between the modules are the best solution for highly demanding sports, providing comfort and protection for athletes in their rotations/joints.

Dual Functionality incorporated in a single module

Quick water drainage capacity

Patmos Master is designed to drain water quickly, thanks to its unique web.

Damping, comfort and moisture control

The corrugated rubber damping system with air gap effect incorporated in the single web module, provides sound insulation in sports and ball bounce, uniform cushioning throughout the floor and absorbs vertical impacts. It eliminates unevenness at the base and any moisture content, through the circumferential openings, specially developed to have air circulation at the bottom of the module. but retaining all the rapid water drainage capacity required outdoors and grip.

patmos pavimento desportivo

Flexibility and comfort outdoors

The foam fabric provides flexibility and comfort in outdoor enclosures. The millimetric gaps in the plates work in conjunction with the flexibility of the foam fabric to protect athletes’ joints from torsional stresses and reduce fatigue while maintaining water drainage capacity.

Economy, ease and speed of installation

The Patmos Master is a modular floor composed of 25cm x 25cm modules with 7 grooves that allow easy assembly/disassembly through male/female grooves and greater economy in repairing the floor in case of accident. It does not use glues to the floor, which makes it removable and portable to other spaces.


Plate dimensions: 25 x 25 x 1.1 cm
Flatness: 0,0 mm
Resistance to solvents: Excellent
Paint receptivity: Very good
Lateral remission: between 0.0 and 1.2 mm
Antibacterial product: not susceptible to bacteria and fungi growth
Application: Can be applied to any hard, flat surface
Cleaning: Easy to clean
Colours: Various


This flooring offers multiple choices in size, colour, sport line marking and shape, allowing you to advertise directly on the flooring itself. Use our sports line marking service and receive your floor with the markings already made at the factory.



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