Quality Policy

Mission: “To provide a global offer of innovative and differentiating products, which enable to meet the needs of the sports market, with quality and at competitive prices.”

Vision: “To be among the main world players in the sports market and be a reference of excellence due to the innovative and competitive products it produces, as well as the service provided”.

Values: Positive energy | Seriousness | Dynamism | Professionalism | Humility | Respect

Quality Management System

In accordance with its vision, mission and strategic orientation, and with a view to its sustainable development, Sports Partner has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 9001. In this context, Sports Partner is committed to compliance with the applicable requirements and to the continuous improvement of its Quality Management System. In alignment with its strategic objectives. To this end, it has defined the following principles as a guideline for action:

Shareholders – To manage Sports Partner responsibly and effectively, focused on the real interests and needs of the company, generating increased value for the various stakeholders.

Employees – Developing the potential of employees, providing their participation and motivation to perform their duties. Their creativity and learning capacity ensure the process of continuous improvement. By effectively sharing knowledge based on best practices, in a true team spirit.

Clients – To work on our products and services taking into account the real needs of the Athletes and the Sports Market. Customer satisfaction with our products and services is the measure of the company’s success.

Partners – Establishing long-lasting relationships and working together the market of each Partner in the international area. In a true win-win partnership, seeking relationships of trust and proximity.

Suppliers – Establishing partnership relations, working with integrity and rigour, demanding quality in accordance with their strategic orientation.

Processes – Carrying out the company’s activities with processes that create added value in accordance with the applicable requirements.

Improvement – Improve performance by making the athlete the centre of Sports Partner’s activities. Always seeking solutions that promote the safety and performance of the users of the company’s products.


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