We create trends in sports equipment

With certified and 100% Portuguese products, we set trends by combining innovation, experience, knowledge, rigour and professionalism. With athletes and their sports always in mind, we are the ideal partners, tireless in creating more and better for the world of sports.


The story of Sports Partner began with the desire to know, to know more and to do better.

Rui was one of those sportsmen who liked to try out various sports… It was common to see him in a sports hall applying his strong shot or throwing the ball at a basket in the hope of a triple!
The young athlete always wondered how the various sports equipment were made. What materials were used? How were they built and where? He went in search of answers and ended up turning his curiosity into business… Rui Vicente – the current CEO of the company – turned his words into deeds and Sports Partner was born. And that’s over 20 years ago.

Now do this exercise for a moment: imagine yourself doing any sport… and think about the amount of equipment or accessories you have around you… Well, these are the products that our 100% Portuguese company produces with certified quality.

We give ground to the best national and international competitions because we innovate.

Our modular floors are as exclusive as they are distinctive. Don’t believe it?

What if we told you that these floors are prepared to absorb impacts, reduce injuries and minimise fatigue for those who practice.

Those who attend sporting events also deserve our attention. And here we innovate once again with ERGO bleacher chairs. Comfortable and anti-vandalism.

And so that no one gets lost in the final result, we have electronic scoreboards with high-light LED technology.

We put the athletes at the centre of our attention.

Whoever plays in our team demands it, but knows it:

They are the ones who give us the know-how to better meet the needs and be up to the demands. The modality does not matter, we go to the game in any one.

Our quality is recognised in Portugal, Europe and the World. Through athletes, clubs or federations.

The history of Sports Partner began with the desire to know more and do better. Today we continue to question, to enter the field with the idea that it is always possible to do something unique for the future.



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